Replace images on one page in the Saal Design software

You have several possibilities to exchange pictures the project designer platform using the Saal Design software.

  • Press and hold the left mouse button

    Click on an image with the left mouse button and keep it pressed until a reduced view of the image appears. If you hold down the mute button, you can move over one of the other pictures of the design surface and release the button. The two images are then exchanged.

  • Click the middle mouse button

    Click an image with the middle mouse button. A reduced view of the image appears.
    Then you can click on one of the other pictures in the design area with the mouse and the two pictures will be exchanged.

  • Replace selected images using the toolbar

    Select the two images you want to swap. Then click on the button "Swap selected images" in the upper toolbar and the two images will be exchanged.
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