Moiré pattern

Moiré patterns can either appear on over-sharpened images or images with superimposed grids. The patterns will be formed when an image is taken, scanned, edited or printed.

A moiré pattern can be easily recognised if you enlarge the image (with a 100% - 800% zoom). As you can see in the following example, the image shows strong noises or over sharpening:

Moiré pattern

As our Photo Prints and Photo Books are photographically printed, all the details in the images will become clear and distinct. As a result, the moiré pattern will also come into being during the process.


How to avoid moiré 

In order to avoid the moiré effect, we recommend blurring the parts of the image that show the moiré pattern. 

You can individually select the parts that were affected by the moiré patterns or create a mask. Then, you can apply the filter "Gaussian Blur". There is no standard criteria on how to adjust the settings as it depends on the image itself, its size and how strong the moiré pattern is. 

After blurring the affected parts, you can enlarge the image once again (100% - 800%). The parts should be homogeneous and the moiré pattern should not be visible any more:

Moiré pattern