Images cannot be loaded

Please first check the file formats used and make sure that all files have been backed up locally. The supported file formats can be found here:

If you are using a Mac, allow the design software full hard disk access. In the Security > Privacy > Full Disk Access section, you can specify which apps should have full access to the hard disk.

Add the design software here. After that, the software should be able to view your image sources.

Please open the settings dialogue of the software (accessible via the cogwheel symbol) and select Delete temporary data there. Select Delete thumbnails, check the option Delete temporary data and click on Delete now. Please check all pages in your project afterwards.

To avoid permission problems, you can also try saving the images to your desktop as a test.

The problem still exists?

If so, please tell us what steps you took until this error message appeared.

Furthermore, please send us the error log (see Reading out the error log), a screenshot of the problem and the name + version of your operating system in response to this message.

Reading the error log:

You can find the error log either in the software by clicking on the small cogwheel on the top right and then clicking on the button Open folder with log files in the window that opens. Please send us the log files that then appear as text files using the form at

Alternatively, you can find the log file under the following path on your computer:

At [User] you have to enter the user name you are working with.


C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Roaming\SaalDesignSoftware\Local Store\log.


/Users/Libary/Preferences/SaalDesignSoftware/Local Store/log