Error message in the project/ software

Error message in the project

Have you received an error message while processing your project?

If you receive an error message during processing, we would ask you to try the following solutions:

If an error message appears in the software, please proceed as follows: open the software settings dialogue (accessible via the gear symbol) and select "Delete temporary data". There, select "Delete thumbnails", then select the option "Delete clipboard" and then click on "Delete now".


Are there certain pages affected by the error? Then please delete the entire content of the affected pages, rename the image files used and redesign these pages. As a precaution, check the image files used.


If the error persists, please uninstall Adobe AIR and our design software completely from your system, saved projects will not be lost. The current software version can be downloaded from our website: /


If you still receive an error message after these steps, please send the error report directly to us via software. 
Our colleagues from the specialist department will then process the error as quickly as possible.

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