Saal Digital Video Tutorials

Saal Digital Photobook Tutorial

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to creating your design with the Saal Design Software - from opening the program to ordering the photobook. Dive into the Saal Digital product world and get to know the photobook as well as the multitude of configuration possibilities.

OneMinute Photobook Tutorial

Learn how to quickly create your photobook with the OneMinute Photobook function. Once created, you can make changes and fine-tune your book. You can find this design option in the Saal Design Software and in our webshop.

AutoLayout Photobook Tutorial

The AutoLayout function in the Saal Design Software offers the perfect blend of design freedom and automation for a completely individual photobook. Find out how the AutoLayout function can help you personalize your photobook.

For Linux Users

Linux users can only order our products via our direct upload since we can not offer our software for Linux. Our software is an Adobe Air Application. Unfortunately, Adobe does not support Linux. However, you are welcome to use our direct upload.

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