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Discover the differences between the various materials and finishes available. We provide three types of sample sets, containing the types of paper we use, the materials for wall decors and the different cover options for photobooks.

The sample set is available starting at 10 €. You will also receive a voucher code with the same value as the sample set, which can be redeemed for your next order. The voucher will be sent to you via e-mail.  The voucher is not able to be combined with any other vouchers or promotions.

    Become familiar with all of our paper types

    Discover the sample set with it's many different finishes and get to know each individual paper. Compare the different types of papers. See and feel the difference. The sample set is available in 10 x 10 cm format.

    Paper types included (10 x 10 cm)

    • Fujifilm Crystal Archive Album in glossy (368 g/m²) and matte finish (368 g/m²)
    • Fujifilm Crystal Archive DP II Professional in glossy (250 g/m²), matte (234 g/m²), silk (232 g/m²)
    • Hahnemühle Photo Rag® (308 g/m²), Baryta (325 g/m²) and German Etching (310 g/m²)
    • Fujifilm Crystal Archive Supreme (231 g/m²)
    • Premium Paper (250 g/m²)
    • Art Print Paper(250 g/m²)
    • Classic (300 g/m²)
    • Structured (300 g/m²)
    • Pearl (300 g/m²)

    The finishes are available for the following products:

    1. Glossy: Photo prints, Photo Stickers, Poster
    2. Matte: Photo prints, Photo Stickers, Poster
    3. Silk/Portrait: Photo prints, Photo Stickers, Poster
    7. FineArt Baryta: FineArt Prints, FineArt Poster
    8. FineArt German Etching: FineArt Prints, FineArt Poster
    9. FineArt PhotoRag®: FineArt Prints, FineArt Poster
    10. Glossy: Photobook
    11. Matte: Photobook
    12. Matte: Photo Calendar
    13. Premium Paper 250g/m²: Photo Booklet, Photo Flip, Printed Calender, Flyer
    14. Art Print 250 g/m²: Calender, Photo Booklet
    15. Classic 300 g/m²: Cards, Mini Leporello, Business Cards
    16. Structured 300 g/m²: Cards, Mini Leporello, Business Cards
    17. Pearl 300 g/m²: Cards, Mini Leporello, Business Cards

    Special covers for photobooks

    The special cover enhances your photobook with a stylish and elegant look. This sample set contains the colours available for the premium cover. You can easily feel the structure and compare the different colours. There is also text printed on the samples as example.

    Special covers as an add-on for:

    • Photobook
    • Photobook XT

    The following samples are included (10 x 10 cm)

    • Sapphire Black Leather
    • Titanium Leather
    • Diamond White Leather
    • Wood Look - Slate
    • Wood Look - Taupe
    • Eggshell Linen
    • Light Blue Linen
    • Light Pink Linen
    • White Linen
    • Natural Linen
    • Cork

    Sample prints of wall decors

    This sample set contains examples of our wall decors. You can easily feel their structures and compare their differences. The prints have the size of 10 x 10 cm.

    Materials for the following products:

    • Metal Print
    • Brushed Metal Print
    • Forex
    • Acrylic glass
    • Artist canvas
    • GalleryPrint glossy and matte

    Following materials are included (10 x 10 cm)

    • 3 mm aluminium composite panel (Metal Print)
    • 3 mm brushed aluminium composite panel (Brushed Metal Print)
    • 5 mm rigid PVC foamboard (Forex)
    • 5 mm acrylic glass (Acrylic glass)
    • 260 g/m² canvas (Artist canvas)
    • 5 mm GalleryPrint glossy and matte (2 mm acrylic glass + 3 mm Metal Print)