Wedding Photography

With Saal Photo Portal

Organise images from your photo sessions into limitless galleries and sub-galleries. Our platform empowers you to showcase beautifully designed photo products for sale. Streamline your picture selection process with our feedback and comments features. Begin risk-free with zero commission fees and 10 GB of free storage!

Wedding Photography

Adapted to Your Workflow

Whatever your gallery, project, or workflow needs may be, we have the solutions to cover them all.

Professional Discount

Enjoy a 35% discount on photo products manufactured by our lab, sold directly to your clients.

Your Fulfilment Partner

We cover payment processing, billing, email workflows, production, shipping and customer care.

Full Revenue from Downloads

Retain all profits from digital downloads sold via your galleries, without any commission fees.

No Commissions

Keep 100% of the profits from your photo product and download sales.

How It Works

  • Gallery Creation: Easily arrange photos in main and sub-galleries
  • Project Inclusion: Include projects like photo books with gift boxes
  • Engage with Feedback: Activate feedback for efficient photo selection
  • Pricing & Offers: Price list for product sales with defined profit margins
  • Package Deals: Create product sets, combining prints and downloads
  • Lab Fulfilment: Saal-managed production and delivery

Quick Start in 3 Steps

Basic Settings

Begin by providing your account and billing details. Accept our GDPR policy, choose a subscription type, and set up your preferred payout method.

Price List

Create your initial price list in the Sales section. Select from a variety of products to sell, and define your profit margin to ensure profitability.

Gallery Creation

Establish your first gallery (standard or QR code). Associate your price list in the gallery settings, publish it, and you’re ready to sell your work!

Unlimited Galleries and Sub-Galleries

Expand your photographic showcase with main galleries and detailed sub-galleries, simplifying user navigation and improving the overall experience. Beyond just organizing, this feature allows for seamless management of your portfolio or photo session; you can easily copy, move, or remove images across galleries, access sales statistics, and define unique titles and descriptions for each photo. Additionally, this system enables the creation of custom products directly from galleries, offering manual shipping to customers as needed, providing a versatile platform for both showcasing and selling your work.

Responsive Mobile Design

Guarantee that your galleries look impeccable on any device with designs that adapt for optimal viewing on smartphones. Select from various layout options, such as single or double columns on mobile devices, and adjust image presentation styles to cater to up to 90% of customers who prefer ordering from mobile devices.

Different Gallery Designs

Personalise the presentation of your work with various gallery layouts including waterfall, squares, art board, or rounded modes suitable for larger screens. Choose between dark and light background styles to complement your photography, ensuring your work is showcased in the most visually appealing manner.


Enhance your workflow with in-gallery customer feedback, utilizing a colour-coded rating system (green, orange, red) and feedback buttons. Facilitate client communication and streamline the selection process by agreeing on colour meanings, such as green for approval, orange for edits, and red for discards, enabling quick filtering and decision-making.

Price Lists

Our system streamlines the management of your price lists, providing you with the flexibility to define and adjust final prices for your offerings. This includes physical products, digital downloads, product sets you’ve assembled, and comprehensive gallery download packages. You have the liberty to choose specific formats or finishes for physical photo products and instantly view your profit margins while setting selling prices. Choose from either percentage-based or absolute profit margins. Moreover, our price beautifier feature ensures that prices are rounded up, presenting a more aesthetically pleasing figure to your clients, enhancing the overall purchasing experience.

Collage and Multi-image Design

Design unique projects using your images to create captivating collages or multi-image compositions. This feature allows for a more diverse product offering, enabling you to sell designs that incorporate multiple images in a single, artistic format.

Physical Photo Products and Downloads

Offer file downloads and physical photo products. Tailor your offerings by selecting specific formats, finishes, and add-ons at unique prices. Set distinct prices for downloads based on resolution and package options. For clients whose photo shoot package already includes downloads, provide a seamless download experience without navigating through the checkout process.

Product Sets and Upsells

Create custom packages combining downloads with physical photo products to enhance revenue potential. Define specific quantities of photo products or file downloads, including options for all gallery downloads, to encourage additional purchases.

Let’s Begin Your Journey

Explore Saal Photo Portal: create galleries, projects, and sell images easily. Sign up for free to explore independently or book a demo for a guided walkthrough tailored to your workflow. Start building your digital showcase now!

Explore Our Demo Gallery

Step into the client’s shoes with our Demo Gallery and see just how intuitive purchasing can be. Delight in a world where sub-galleries reveal the chapters of a love story, where feedback and comments bring interactions to life, and where selecting and buying digital files or exquisitely crafted products is effortlessly clear. Experience your showcase from the other side.

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