Templates and Dynamic Projects

Effortless Bulk Project Customization


Placeholders enable customization of your design with both standard and custom fields, easily filled via CSV or Excel data. In templates, your clients personalize these placeholders directly in the design interface, handling the order and payment. Meanwhile, dynamic projects allow you to input dynamic content from an Excel list, making it simple to create personalized orders en masse. Standard fields typically include names and addresses, while custom fields can be anything defined by you, facilitating unique project outputs for each client.

Multiple Address Fulfilment

This feature streamlines the process for dynamic projects, enabling the distribution of individualized project copies to specific addresses. By uploading a CSV file with shipping details, you can ensure that each uniquely tailored print copy reaches its intended recipient efficiently, perfect for widespread distribution of customized photo products.

Bulk Project Creation

Bulk Project Creation is a cornerstone of Dynamic Projects, allowing for the production of numerous project copies with unique data from an Excel or CSV. This is ideal for personalizing items like wedding invitations with each guest’s name, simplifying the creation process by automating personalization and distribution.

Creator and Adopter (coming soon)

A vital aspect of templates, this feature allows the creation of a project template with fixed and customizable elements. Designers (creators) set up a template with brand elements and placeholders for others (adopters) to fill with personal content. This is particularly useful for businesses wanting to offer branded merchandise that customers can personalize, enhancing the customer experience with bespoke products.

CSV Data Upload

Upload structured data from Excel or spreadsheets for use in dynamic projects, facilitating mass customization of photo products. This feature saves significant time by automating the personalization of each project copy with unique details, such as names on wedding invitations or thank-you cards.


After data upload, this feature allows for a detailed preview of all generated project copies. It’s crucial for ensuring that each copy meets design and text length requirements, providing a final check before proceeding with bulk creation and distribution. This step ensures that the end product aligns perfectly with your and your clients’ expectations.

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