Effortless Exhibition-to-Sale Conversion

QR Code and Caption Generator

Showcase your Saal Digital printed works in a physical gallery or studio, offering on-site visitors the convenience of scanning a QR code to order copies directly from the Photo Portal. This feature allows you to generate a caption with the author’s name, image title, and description alongside a QR code that leads directly to the online gallery image, ready for purchase. Bridge the gap between physical display and digital sales effortlessly.

PDF and CSV Export

Ensure easy access for gallery visitors to scan and order your displayed work by exporting captions with QR codes in PDF format, ready to print and place beside your artworks. If our caption design options don’t meet your needs, the CSV export option allows you to customize your captions and QR codes using external software, providing full control over how you present your sales triggers next to your exhibited works.

Let’s Begin Your Journey

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