Easily manage the colours

Saal Digital uses an ICC compliant colour management system. Colour profiles embedded in your files are recognised and taken into account during production. We will never alter your files or perform unnecessary optimisations. This ensures that your files are processed exactly as you want them.

Important: Calibrate your monitor and disable image enhancement if it is enabled.

The optimal preconditions for your photo prints
Only by calibrating and profiling your monitor can you get the best colours. You can already see the result on your monitor.

What advantage does colour management have?

An optimal print preview is achieved by using your preset monitor and our colour management - "What you see is what you get". In an ideal world, this combination works so well that you will notice almost no difference between what you see on your monitor and the real photo product.

But that is only possible if all the standards are met in the image reproduction process.

What can Saal Digital do for you? 

  • Repeated daily calibration ensures that the profiled machines operate within a small tolerance.
  • The state of the photochemical process is checked daily to compensate for fluctuations before they affect the quality of the photos.
  • We have an ICC profile for every type of paper we supply.
  • We use colour management software that can read the embedded colour profiles and convert the image data for correct colour reproduction on our machines. For files without embedded profiles, sRGB is used as the default colour space.

Attention: Please always send us files in JPG format instead of TIFF so that the colour profiles can be correctly recognized!

What do you need to do? 

Please ensure that there is sufficient light in the room. Brightness and colour temperature should be kept as constant and reproducible as possible. Ideally it should be a glare-free, enclosed room that is not affected by changes in daylight.

The correct preset of the monitor is the most important precondition of the colour management:

  • The brightness of the monitor should lie between 90 and
    120 cd/qm
  • The colour temperature must be set at 5.000 Kelvin (D50).
  • The monitor gamma should be adjusted to 2.2.

The monitor must be calibrated in order to display the right colour and brightness.

Monitor calibration with colourimeter 
High-level professional colour management is not possible without the right hardware. There are many affordable colourimeters on the market that do a good job. Some vendors offer a colourimeter with additional software that allows you to create an ICC profile of your monitor. This can be a good alternative to buying a new and expensive monitor.

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