Create a lovely Mini Leporello

The accordion fold makes for a unique way to present photos and information


Many different uses

Thanks to the special folding technique, mini leporellos have an easy, practical format. Place the most beautiful memories of your wedding celebration in a mini leporello or use it to announe the birth of your child. It's also suitable for presenting a portfolio and can be printed on both sides.

Various formats and types of paper

The mini leporellos are available in different formats and with multiple options for sides and folds. You can choose between "Classic", "Pearl" or "Structured" surfaces for the type of paper. Discover the right material for you and the occasion. The paper surfaces can be tried out in our sample set.

Types of paper available

Choose from a total of three card surfaces. "Classic" is one type of paper.


The "Classic" paper (300 g/m²) stands out due to its extremely smooth and matte white surface. Vivid colours in photo quality.

Discover another type of the card: "pearl"


If you place great importance on design, the "Pearl" paper is just the thing for you, with intense shimmering reflections.

The "structured" paper surface gives your card character.


With a weight of 300 g/m², this "structured" paper gives a distinct feel to the Mini Leporello, creating something unique.

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Design now