The FUJIFILM Silk | Portrait photo poster from Saal Digital

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Das Fujifilm Silk | Portrait ist bekannt für das leichte Seidenraster und dem Copyright Vermerk auf der Rückseite.

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The special silk touch

The classic photo poster with the fine silk raster provides a special feel. The surface Silk | Portrait is used in advertising and portrait photography and ensures excellent color reproduction and long-lasting image stability.

This poster is especially suitable for applications, professional portaits, wedding as well as school and kindergartens. 

Amazing poster quality

The intense color spectrum favors the excellent image reproduction and achieves a natural shading. The Silk | Portrait appeals to the haptic senses and stands out from other surfaces noticeably.

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The high-end Silk | Portrait poster on Fujifilm photo paper

Excellent colour reproduction

The photo paper with the silk finish is the result of modern technologies in silver halide emulsion, dye coupler and layer structure. As a result, the poster presents brilliant highlight details and a wide color space.

Copy protection: The special roughened silk finish makes it impossible to scan the image. In this way, your photo poster is protected from being duplicated.

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