The Saal Digital photo booklet
Test winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2021 fotoMagazin: Overall rating very good “excellent” FOTOHITS 05/2019 Saal Digital delights with an exquisitely crafted photo canvas and sharp, high-contrast printing. Test Winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2018 Trusted: A photobook with almost unbeatable quality fotoMagazin: Best in Test - Photo Development Test result: very good Very good and quick delivery Saal absolutely proves itself through the exemplary quality. The developed photos present fantastic details with excellent sharpenss and colour fidelity. Saal Digital wins extra points through the excellent contrasts and fine workmanship. The quality of the photobooks is the best we've ever seen.

Unique just like your photos

The pages of the photo booklet and the transparent protective cover are connected by a high-quality spiral binding. This spiral binding allows easy page turns and a lay flat design. If you want, you can also turn the pages completely to display only one image at a time.

Quality and value

Each individual page is made of a sturdy premium paper and is crisp with sharp 6-colour printing. The photo booklet is available in many different formats. All photo booklets are made without our logos or a barcode printed onto them.

Paper options for your Photo Booklet

Premium matte paper

Premium Matte paper

With premium matte paper, you can bring out the best colour contrast in your photo booklet. Our printing process, combined with premium matte paper ensures lifelike quality.

  • first-class premium matte paper
  • radiant colours
  • fascinating depth
Art print paper

Art print

The fine surface structure of the art print gives your pictures a classy appearance. Thanks to our photo booklet printing process, vibrant colours are achieved in proven high-end quality.

  • classy appearance
  • fine surface texture
  • brilliant colours
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