Wish list

When your customers visit a gallery, users can select their favourite photos to add to their wish list. In this way, users can create their own collection and buy whenever they want. To save the images to their wish list, users need to provide their contact information. This ensures that their selections are stored securely for future reference.

Gallery sample

To add photos to the wish list, click on the heart that appears on each Photo when you move your mouse over it. Clicking on the same heart will remove the photo from the wish list. The wish list is in the top right corner of the gallery and is accompanied by a number that indicates the number of photos that have been added. When your customer clicks on this heart, they will see all the images that have been added to the wish list, including those selected in the sub-galleries.

Wish list sample

From here, your customer can purchase images and remove images you don’t want from your wish list. In addition, when users add images to their wish list, a heart icon is displayed in the Gallery for easy identification. Clicking on the heart-marked photo will bring up a right-hand column with the photo’s details. If you click on the details tab, you will see a list of users who have added it to their wish lists. In this column, next to each user’s name is a three-dot button with two additional options. Clicking on edit allows you to add this user to your contacts. Clicking on delete will remove the contact from the right column. It’s important to note that deleting a contact from the right column does not affect the user’s wish list. The photo will remain on the user’s wish list even after the contact information has been removed from the right column.

Wish list user shown

When multiple photos are selected within a gallery, the Download CSV file option is available in the right menu. This allows you to select the photos added to the user’s wish list and download the CSV file to quickly find them in the external software you use like Lightroom.

Wish list icon notification

Feedback button

The Wish List can be used as a feedback tool. In the Gallery settings there is an option called Feedback Gallery.

Show feedback gallery button in gallery settings

If activated, users will find a Send Selection button in their Wish List.

Send selection button in wish list

Clicking on this button will bring up a window in which the user will be asked to enter their personal details along with a message. Once filled in, and after clicking submit, you will receive an email with your customer’s message.

Send selection window

Your customer’s selected photos will be displayed to you in the corresponding gallery, marked with a heart icon.

Heart icon on gallery


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