User account settings

Your account

User account settings

The information entered when creating an account is available in Account Settings under Account. Personal details can be changed and added here at any time. In addition, you can customize certain aspects of your account from here.

Your account menu

At the top is a circle that represents your account avatar. This can be customized by clicking on Change Image and selecting the image you wish to use as your account image. Once the image has been uploaded, you can click on it to select the part of the image you want to display.

Edit account image

The Your user data section displays all the personal information you added when you created your account. You can change and add more information if you wish. Remember to click Save changes to save the changes made.

Under the Password and security section, you can change your password by clicking Change password. This brings up a menu to enter your current password and update the new one.

Change password window

Under the Security and privacy heading, you will find an option to export your data. This will export a copy of all the contents of your account so that you can store it on an external device if you wish.

Data export window

Finally, there is a button to delete your account, which will delete your account and all your data.


In Addresses, you can add your billing and delivery addresses. You can add as many addresses as you need by clicking Add and change them at any time by clicking on the edit icon.

Addresses menu

Note that these addresses will be used for your own personal orders, not for orders from Photo Portal. You can save your most frequently used delivery and billing addresses, avoiding the need to enter and edit your personal details for each purchase.

Delivery address options in shopping basket

The added addresses will be available for selection for your own orders in the shopping basket after you log in, allowing you to quickly select both the delivery and billing address for each of your purchases. A new address can be added from the shopping basket by clicking the Add new button.

Payment Method

Payment methods allow you to store different payment and payout methods for your own purchases. Click Add to add as many methods as required. You can change them at any time by clicking the edit icon. Note that the payment methods will be used for your own personal orders after you log in, not for Photo Portal orders. Several payment methods and payout methods are available.

Payment methods menu

In both sections you can choose a method to be the default by clicking on the edit icon and activating Default payment method.

Default payment method option

Payment methods can be selected on your own orders in the shopping basket after you have logged in. The default payment method is pre-selected when you place an order, but you can choose a different method. A new payment method can also be added from the shopping basket by clicking on the Add new button.

Payment method options in shopping basket

The default payout method will be pre-selected on your invoices.


Within the subscription you will find different options in terms of storage capacity. By default, and completely free, you have 5 GB of storage space, which increases to 10 GB if you complete all the steps to create your account.

From this menu you can upgrade your subscription and storage capacity by selecting the Saal Cloud or Saal Prio options. Saal Prio also includes free standard delivery. Subscriptions can be changed at any time.

Subscriptions menu