Sales settings

Sales settings

This menu allows you to sell your images as products or digital files. It is essential that you activate this option if you wish to sell your images. You can access the Sales setting by clicking on the 3 dots button of a gallery within the Galleries menu.

Options from the gallery panel

And inside the gallery, in the right column

Options within a gallery

When you click on Sales Settings, the first screen will ask you to activate the Allow ordering option to allow images to be ordered.

Activate allow ordering

Once activated, several options will be displayed for you to customize the sale of your images.

Sales settings

Price list

The first thing you will find is the price list. The price list selected as default when the price lists were set up is pre-selected. You can choose a different one using the price list menu. And if you need to, you can make the final adjustments to the price list by clicking on Edit.

Select price list


Promotions offer customised discounts for individual galleries, including multiple discount levels and several customised options. For more information, please read the promotions article.

Filter products by image aspect ratio

This will allow you to order only those products from the selected price list that match the aspect ratio of the image.

Ratio filter sample options

Allow image editing/cropping

You can give the customer the option of cropping and reframing the image by activating this option. An Edit Image button will be available on the shared gallery link when a photo product is selected.

Edit button on gallery

By clicking on it, the customer will be able to make the last adjustments to the image based on the format of the selected photo product.

Crop image

Replace image before ordering

By activating this option, you will be able to upload the final file once an order is done, and before it is forwarded to production. Please see the related content for more information.

Gallery for sale

Once you are done, you need to click on Save. You will see that the status of the gallery has changed.

Gallery status

When you open your gallery, you will see that the Buy now option is now available in the gallery.

Buy now button

Images can be purchased according to the configuration set in the selected price list.

Products to buy

In addition to the galleries, all photo products such as photo books, calendars and cards can be put for sale too.


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