You can configure and allow comments on your projects. This allows you to receive feedback directly from your clients, making your work more efficient and saving you time.

Activate comments

To enable comments on a project, you need to open the Project settings of the project you want to enable comments on. You can find Project settings in the right-hand menu or by clicking the three dots button on the project.

Project settings displayed

Activating Comments will reveal additional customisation options:
Publish comments manually: Requires manual approval before comments are published.
Allow commenting on comments: Allow commenting on existing comments.
Allow liking comments: Allows users to like comments.

Once configured, you will need to click on Save. Please note that the project should be shared so that users can leave comments.

Comment options in project settings

Create comments

When you open the project’s shared link, you will see that it is now possible to add comments to your project. Once a comment has been made, it can be pinned to a specific location in the project by clicking the Pin button located next to the comment in the right column. Once clicked, the desired location within the project must be selected to pin the comment. This feature allows for efficient feedback from your customers.

Comment in project

Review comments

When a comment is made, a Comments notification will appear in the Projects menu, letting you know when a comment has been made on it.

Comment icon in the project panel

Clicking the Comments button opens the project’s shared link, allowing you to view all comments.
Pinned comments are indicated by markers, providing clear reference points within the project.

Comment pinned


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