QR Code Blank Cards

QR Code Blank Cards

This option allows you to create a selected number of QR cards to be distributed to participants either before or on the day of the photo shoot. Each QR will link to an individual gallery and will include the privacy agreement for the participant to sign. You can activate this option when setting up your Photo job and then click Continue.

QR Code blank cards

1. Create groups

A menu for creating the groups will be displayed. Enter the group names (e.g. classes) in the Group name box. To include additional groups, click Add, which will create another Group name box. Groups can be deleted by selecting the bin icon. At least one group is required to create a Photo job. Once done, click Continue.

Groups creation

2. Configure groups

Next, configure each of the groups you have created as follows:

Number of participants: Select the number of participants for each group. Note that you can add more if needed later.

Group or class: Choose the group to configure.

Type of photos: Determine the different types of photos that can later be taken of the group.

After configuring a group, click the Create button in the top right corner to save the settings. The group settings will be displayed in a table at the bottom. You can download the QR code from this menu by clicking the Download button.
Once all groups are configured, click on Continue button.

Groups configuration

3. Check the Photo Job

The Photo Job created will open as configured. All the information about each group created is displayed in a table. If you wish, you can create a new group by entering the name in the New group box at the top and clicking the Add button.

The right column shows all the menus within the Photo Job. By default, the General menu is displayed. From here you can change the Photo Job settings. For more information read the General menu article.

Photo job created

4. QR Blank cards

You must print out the QR blank cards and distribute them before the photo shoot. You must ensure that each participant signs the GDPR and keeps the QR code for access to the gallery. You can find more information in the QR Codes article.

Each QR card must be photographed for each participant to ensure automatic sorting of the photos.

5. After the photo shooting day

After the shoot day, you will need to upload each participant’s QR code photo along with the selected photos you wish to share or sell. For more information on the next steps and features, please read the Workflow — Step-by-step guide article.