Snap, Align and Lock Objects

Snapping, grid and locking objects

Clicking the Page button on the right opens a menu with several options for improving your object placement. This menu allows you to lock and view all objects on the page, activate the grid and Snap to grid, as well as other useful snap tools.


The Online Designer snaps objects by default, ensuring precise object alignment on the photo product. If you move an object close to another object, it will automatically align itself with the edge or centre of the neighbouring object. The same happens when an object approaches the edge of the photo product. A dotted line appears to indicate the alignment between the objects, making it easier to position them accurately.

Moving the image with snapping guides

You can customise the snapping behaviour by specifying distances in the Snap-to distance between page elements section of the Page menu.
Distance: Distance considered when approaching other objects.
Distance page margin: Distance considered when approaching the edge of the page.
Distance page centre: Distance considered when approaching the centre of the page.
Snapping options


By default no grid is selected in the Grid box. Clicking on this box provides options to enable a 0.5cm, 1cm or 2cm grid. Selecting one of these options will display a helpful blue grid of the selected size on the photo product to assist with precise object placement. It's important to note that the grid is for guidance only and will not be printed on your final product.

0.5 cm grid

If the Snap to grid check box is selected, objects will automatically snap to the grid when moved or resized, ensuring accurate positioning.


The Layers section displays all the objects placed on the page. You can easily manage the objects by locking or unlocking them. Locking an object prevents it from being moved when it is selected, which is particularly useful if you want to keep certain objects in a fixed position. To lock or unlock an object, simply click on the lock icon to the right of the object. This allows you to maintain the desired positions of locked objects while moving other objects freely.

Layers in Page menu


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