Duplicate or convert a project

Duplicate or convert a project

You can create your projects from scratch or you can duplicate and even convert them. This can be very useful to create different products with the same content or to create different versions with the changes you find useful such as different sizes. To duplicate a project, you need to go to the Projects panel and select the project you want to duplicate. A menu with several options will appear on the right. Within the Function options you will find the Duplicate button. You can also find the Duplicate button by clicking on the 3 dots button of the project.

Project options displayed

Clicking on it will automatically create a new identical project in your Projects panel. Please note that this new project has not been shared and is not yet available for sale.

Duplicated project on panel

To convert this new project into another article, click on it to display the different options in the right menu. Here you will find the Convert article now button.

Convert article button

When you click on it, a warning message will appear informing you that changing the format, size or number of pages may change the content. Now you need to select the product you want to turn your project into.

Articles to convert the project

Once the article is selected, in the Projects panel you will find both the original project and the duplicated project that has been converted into another article.

Same project different article

Note that in the converted product, the properties of the original project designed by you have been modified. It is important that you open the converted project to check that everything is as you want it. To do this, click on the converted project to bring up the right menu. There you will need to select Edit project. The converted project will open for you to review and make any changes you wish to this new version.

Designer with converted project


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