Create a project out of a gallery

Create a project out of a gallery

In addition to images, you can store, manage, share and sell your projects created in Saal Design software, the online store or an external design software. Furthermore, you can create as many photo products as you like directly from a gallery, quickly and easily. From the Galleries panel, drop-down the menu of the gallery you want to create a product from and select Create product.

Gallery panel drop down menu

You can also find this option within the gallery. When you open a gallery, you will see that the menu on the right displays various options and information about your gallery. In this menu you will also find the option to create a product from the photos in this gallery. All you have to do is click on Create product.

Options within a gallery

The online shop will open automatically and will show you the various photographic products available from Saal Digital.

Photo products

You can customize all the product features.

Professional Line XT features

And choose the method you prefer to create your photo product.

Design modes

If you choose the AutoLayout mode, all the photos in your gallery will be available in the designer for you to use to create your product.

Designer with AutoLayout

If you choose to create your product using the One Minute mode, your product will automatically be created using the photos selected from your gallery.

Image selection

You will be able to make any changes you want to it once it has been created. And add more images from another gallery or device if you need them. From here you can also add the project to your basket, share it and sell it when it is ready.

Professional Line created with one minute

Once you have finished designing your project, you have to click on Save project to save it. You will need to give it a name to it and click on Save.

Save project

When you open the Projects panel, you will find your project with the name you saved it with.

Project panel with professional Line

When you select the project, several options will appear in the right menu, including Add to cart, Share settings and Sell project. These options can also be found by clicking the 3 dots button in the project.

Project Status

In the Projects menu, you will see an label on your projects which allows you to check their status at a glance.
In Validation: This indicates that your project’s images are currently under review. The status will automatically change once it has been reviewed.
Private: This means that the project is only visible to you, and it is not accessible to others.
Shared: The project is accessible to others based on the configuration you have set in its Share Settings. A shared link is available to allow people to access and view the project. The project is not set to be sold.
Commercial: This indicates that the allow ordering option is activated, and the project can be purchased according to the price and configuration you have set in its Sales Settings.
Deactivated: The project is no longer shared and therefore no longer commercial. It is again visible only to you and effectively hidden from the public.

Projects status


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