An extensive selection of cliparts is available for use in your designs. These can be viewed by clicking on the Cliparts button in the right-hand menu.

Cliparts menu in right column

Cliparts can be filtered by category by scrolling down the Category box and selecting one of the categories offered. They can also be filtered by entering a keyword in the Search box.

Cliparts Category and Search Box

Click the heart icon at the bottom of each clipart to save it as a favourite. When the heart is activated, the clipart is displayed at the top of the menu. This can be used to select the most used cliparts so that they can be found quickly.

Favourite Cliparts selected by heart icon

To add the clipart to the photo product, select the clipart by holding down the mouse button and dragging it onto the photo product. The clipart will be placed on the product with the default settings. You will need to adjust its size and position to suit your design needs.

When the clipart is selected, a menu will appear above it with tools to flip it. Clicking on Mirror horizontally or Mirror vertically will flip the clipart accordingly.

Clipart selected with tools on top and right column

As with the rest of the objects, when the clipart is selected, buttons with its tool will appear on the right. The colours of the clipart can be modified by applying filters. For more information, see the Apply filters article. Remember that the Position menu contains the alignment, layer and opacity tools.


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