Add elements to the photo product

Add elements

There are various elements that can be included in a photo product to create a personalised design, such as images, text, fill boxes and clipart.

Add images

There are different ways to add images to the photo product:

1. From the menu in the left column, by selecting the image and dragging it onto the working area.

Dragging images from left column

2. By dragging images directly from your folder overview into the designer. Images added in this way will appear in the left column of the designer, along with the rest of the images.

3. By clicking on the Add image button, an image box will appear on the photo product. You can drag an image from the left column into this image box or select the image box and click the Select photo button at the top of the box. Clicking this button will open your browser and allow you to select an image from your device to include in your Photo Product. Image boxes are used on layouts.

Insert image and Replace image options on a layout

If an image has already been placed in the photo product and another image is dragged from the left column into the photo product, the Replace Image option will appear. If the dragged image is dropped on this option, the image already placed in the photo product will be replaced by the new image.

4. Right-clicking on an image in the menu in the left column brings up a menu. Selecting Insert image will automatically place the image in the photo product.

Insert image button from left column

Add text

Text can be added to the photo product by clicking on the Add text button in the Designer’s top menu.

New Text Box added

When clicked, a text box will appear in the middle of the photo product for you to personalise. There are two ways to write the text in this box:

1. By selecting the text box and clicking on the Text editor button above it. This will open a text editor window where you can type the text you want to add. This text editor window also contains all the text configuration tools. You can modify the text directly from here. To add the text written in the text editor to your photo product, press the OK button in this editor.

Text Editor window

2. From the Designer, by double-clicking with the mouse on the text box, the keyboard will be enabled for you to add the text. The text configuration tools are also available in the right column by selecting the text and clicking on the Text box button. Font, size, alignment and colour of the text, among other options, can be customised here.

Add fill box

Fill boxes can be added to the photo product by clicking on the Add fill button in the top menu of the designer. A coloured rectangle is created by default.

New Fill Box added

To change the size of the fill box, click on its frame and, keeping the mouse button pressed, move the cursor to the desired size and shape. In this way you can, for example, apply a texture to a single page of a Photo Book.

The fill box configuration menu is displayed by clicking on the Edit fill button that appears at the top when selected, or on the Fill box button of the menu on the right.
There are different types of fills available in the right-hand top menu: Colour, Gradient or Texture. Each type has different customisation options.

Add cliparts

Cliparts can be added to the photo product by clicking on the Cliparts button in the right-hand menu. A large selection of clipart is displayed. These can be filtered by category or by a keyword entered in the Search box to quickly find cliparts on a specific topic.

Clipart added

To add the clipart to the photo product, select the clipart from this menu by holding down the mouse button and dragging it into the photo product. Another way to add the clipart is to right-click on it and click Insert clipart.
The added clipart will appear in the photo product at a default size. You will need to adjust the size to suit your design needs.


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