DigitalPhoto 2023 CHIP Foto/Video 2023 Fotocommunity CHIP Foto/Video 2022 Test winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2021 fotoMagazin: Overall rating very good “excellent” FOTOHITS 05/2019 Saal Digital delights with an exquisitely crafted photo canvas and sharp, high-contrast printing. Test Winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2018 Test result: very good Very good and quick delivery Saal absolutely proves itself through the exemplary quality.

Which format best suits you?

The Portrait Flair

15 x 21 (ca. A5 hoch)
15 x 21 (ca. A5 hoch)
From € 19.95
21 x 28 (ca. A4 hoch)
21 x 28 (ca. A4 hoch)
From € 29.95

Practical and Square

Spectacular Landscapes

28 x 19 (ca. A4 quer)
28 x 19 (ca. A4 quer)
From € 29.95
42 x 28 (ca. A3 quer)
42 x 28 (ca. A3 quer)
From € 79.95

Photo Book page options

Innenseiten Fotopapier glänzend

Glossy photo paper

This surface achieves high-quality results. It is particularly suitable for bright and colourful images.

  • radiant colours
  • fascinating depth
Innenseiten Fotopapier matt

Matte photo paper

The semi-gloss surface has a fine but uniform structure. Fingerprints are thus reduced to a minimum.

  • semi-gloss finish
  • fewer reflections
Innenseiten HighEnd-Druck matt

High-end matte print

Uncoated paper with a natural feel to the surface. This creates a deep matte colour impression.

  • no reflections
  • less sensitive to moisture

Classic Gift Box

Simple and uncomplicated, the standard model of our gift box is a modern cardboard design, suitable both for giving away or storing your new photo book. You are sure to be happy with this classic option.

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