CHIP Foto/Video 2023 Fotocommunity CHIP Foto/Video 2022 Test winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2021 fotoMagazin: Overall rating very good “excellent” FOTOHITS 05/2019 Saal Digital delights with an exquisitely crafted photo canvas and sharp, high-contrast printing. Test Winner CHIP FOTO-VIDEO 12/2018 Test result: very good Very good and quick delivery Saal absolutely proves itself through the exemplary quality. The developed photos present fantastic details with excellent sharpenss and colour fidelity.

Which format best suits you?

The Portrait Flair

15 x 21 (ca. A5 hoch)
15 x 21 (ca. A5 hoch)
From € 19.95
21 x 28 (ca. A4 hoch)
21 x 28 (ca. A4 hoch)
From € 29.95

Practical and Square

Spectacular Landscapes

28 x 19 (ca. A4 quer)
28 x 19 (ca. A4 quer)
From € 29.95
42 x 28 (ca. A3 quer)
42 x 28 (ca. A3 quer)
From € 79.95

Premium Photo Book covers

Unique and stylish

Get creative and choose the perfect cover for your photo book. You can opt for a glossy or matte finish, or choose one of our various special covers. If you choose our glossy and matte photo covers, you can personalise them with photos, text and clip art.


Our special leatherette, linen, cork or wood-look covers give your photo book a particularly classy appearance. Each special cover is available in different colours and you can either include personalised inscriptions and clipart  or simply keep it clean and fresh.

Photo Book page options

Innenseiten Fotopapier glänzend

Glossy photo paper

This surface achieves high-quality results. It is particularly suitable for bright and colourful images.

  • radiant colours
  • fascinating depth
Innenseiten Fotopapier matt

Matte photo paper

The semi-gloss surface has a fine but uniform structure. Fingerprints are thus reduced to a minimum.

  • semi-gloss finish
  • fewer reflections
Innenseiten HighEnd-Druck matt

High-end matte print

Uncoated paper with a natural feel to the surface. This creates a deep matte colour impression.

  • no reflections
  • less sensitive to moisture

Classic Gift Box

Simple and uncomplicated, the standard model of our gift box is a modern cardboard design, suitable both for giving away or storing your new photo book. You are sure to be happy with this classic option.

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