Your message enclosed in a folding card

Custom design in landscape format

The design template "David" can be found in the software under Designs|Layouts in the category "Baby".

Free Sample

Get a first impression of the card you have designed with a free sample copy.

Custom Quantity

Determine your order quantity individually. Small quantities starting with a single print are possible.

There are no annoying manufacturer logos on all Saal Digital photo products.

6-Colour Printing

Exceptional colour rendition with lifelike tones thanks to 6-colour printing.

No Barcode

Saal Digital does not use barcodes. You will receive a completely neutral photo product.

The templates in the software offer you a wide selection of designs for various occasions. Add your own pictures and messages.
Classic is a bright white, matte paper

"Classic" Paper

The "Classic" paper type with a weight of 300 g/m² boasts an extremely smooth and bright white matte surface. The 6-colour print ensures brilliant colours in lifelike photo quality.

Structured paper

"Structured" Paper

The "Structured" paper with 300g/m² not only gives your card character, but also has a high recognition value. The 6-colour print ensures brilliant colours in lifelike photo quality.

Pearl paper containing characteristic shimmer reflections

"Pearl" Paper

If you place a high value on design, the "Pearl" paper is exactly the right choice. The extraordinary surface features intense, shimmering reflections. The 6-colour print produces brilliant colours in lifelike photo quality.

Made for your panoramic pictures

The card collection from Saal Digital offers several possibilities to present your message. One of them is the folding card, which is available in landscape format in 15 x 10 cm (A6) and 20 x 10 cm (DIN long) and offers plenty of space for your panorama images.

The fold is located on the longest side of the card. The folding card opens upwards and can also be used decoratively. For the design we offer templates in the software, but an individual design of the card is also possible.

An overview

  • available in 15 x 10 cm and 20 x 10 cm
  • three different types of paper
  • all four sides can be designed
  • envelope available if needed
  • free sample available
The folding cards are also available with various design templates. These can be found in the software in the category Designs/Layouts. Our example shows the templates "Spring" and "Ben".

Your folded cards

The folded cards are available in landscape format and can be ordered in your desired quantity starting with 1 single print. You can also determine the paper finish of your card as well as add suitable envelopes.

We do not print a barcode or logo at all, so that you can make full use of the space on all four sides. This gives you a completely neutral photo product.

Your design

Choose from different design templates or create the layout of your folded card yourself. The numerous design options in the free software will help you to create your own design.

In addition to different fonts, clipart, filters and effects, you can also decorate your images and texts with different borders and backgrounds to create a completely individual card.

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